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The Cat, the Fish, and the Waiter – Teach Your Kids Languages Easily

“Education is as young as stone carving” is a saying we’ve always heard as children about education, because learning and language education for children is much easier, but just as essential as it is for adult education. That being said, while a child is still learning their mother’s language, they can still learn a lot more, and master the dialect of another language almost as well as a native speaker. This is important, because it can be seen that speaking more than one language opens a child’s mind to new cultures and gives them incredible life-handling skills.

Benefits of learning a different language for children

Research shows that learning a second language enhances problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, listening skills, memory and the ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time. Children who are fluent in more than one language also show signs of strong creativity and mental flexibility.

In addition to this learning different languages also improves a child’s ability to empathize with others! Exposure to a different language opens the child’s mind to the existence of different societies, cultures, and peoples enabling them to accept different opinions and points of view. Seeing the outside world in different ways can improve make them into better people and enhance their self-confidence.

Along with this, children excel academically when they learn multiple languages, as it improves their general literacy and math skills, with generally higher test scores.

Medical benefits of learning languages for children

In addition to benefitting their mental, and academic wellbeing, it has been proven that language learning also improves a child’s overall health! According to theAmerican Academy of Neurology,speaking in multiple languages slows the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Secure your children’s future

According to one of the most important newspapers in the world of economics (The Economist, Time),multilingualism is linked to the high income level of individuals.

What can you do to help your child learn languages?

We are all now convinced of the importance of learning different languages for children, but how do we start? This is a question that I have heard a lot from many parents interested in educating their children. A child often likes to play or listen to stories, so what if we combine language learning with play and stories?

“The Cat, Fish and Waiter” is just what any parent needs to start introducing their children to new languages! The story is about a waiter in Paris trying to find a cat and fish that was entrusted to him by a friend, after losing them in the city of lights!

The story itself is interesting to both adults and children alike, and will have you and your child wondering where that cat and fish could be! But it is also beautifully written, with each paragraph in the story written in three languages: English, French and Arabic, which will get children excited to crack the code of translating the different languages and understand them!

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