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The Cat, the Fish, and the Waiter and learning children’s languages – yes, they have a connection!

Language is a very important tool for communication, interaction,  making requests, expressing emotions, and more! We want to express what is in our hearts and all that passes through our heads naturally and straightforwardly using language.


A fun and unique way to learn languages for children worldwide and becoming increasingly popular is reading multilingual books together. The childlike diction can even teach parents some words in new languages.


For the first time published in Hebrew, English, and French,  the book “The Cat, the Fish, and the Waiter” by Marianna Bergues was inspired by a story told to her by her father as a child. To date,  the book has been translated into 15 languages so that children worldwide who speak different languages can enjoy this inspiring book written by Marianna. The city of Paris, the city of romance and the lights, where Marianna’s father Christian Burgas was born and raised,  is where the plot takes place.


“The Cat, the Fish and the Waiter” – The Book’s Plot

Peter, a waiter who lives and works in Paris, volunteers to take care of his friends’ pets who have gone on holiday – an exotic orange cat and fish.

But he soon realizes that this is not as simple a task as he thought when the cat and the fish disappear! Peter, the waiter, becomes Peter the detective – and goes looking for the cat and the fish on the streets of Paris. Why did the cat and the fish disappear?


You are invited to join Peter’s fascinating journey around  Paris, a journey of tension, mystery, and challenge! Along the way,  you and your children will be learning vocabulary in these languages: Hebrew, English, and French.


A new language for children – now is the time!


Studies prove that the younger you start, the easier it is to absorb a new language. Imitation from hearing, and learning from watching or acting, teaches language innocently and naturally for children– this is opposed to adults, who will often give up, analyze and create needlessly complex patterns as part of their learning process.


Books are a cohesive, collaborative, colorful, and pleasant way for children to learn languages. At  Top  Kids Books and Toys, the use of languages and vocabulary create a fascinating experience that ensures learning and enjoyment at the same time.

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