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The cat, the fish and the waiter: an educational adventure book for language learning

When Peter, a waiter in Paris, offers to take care of his friends’ animals, a cat and a fish, things get very complicated when the animals disappear! Peter has to use his detective skills to search for them as best he can all over Paris. Will he manage to find them in time? This story is not only for young and old mystery lovers, but also for all those who like to learn new languages. Our book is unique and will make a wonderful gift for any child who loves to learn. It is not just a book that you will give, it is also the gift of literacy that you will give to a child. Our book is special because it is written for children, by a child. Each paragraph of the book is written three times: in French, in English and in a language chosen from 15 languages.

Literacy is learning to read and write properly. It enables each child to acquire different tools to understand the world and to interact culturally, socially and politically. Developing a child’s language and listening skills is the first step towards literacy. With the help of our book, the child will be able to develop his or her vocabulary in French, English but also in another foreign language chosen among 15 languages. By learning to read and write, the child will thus be able to understand the different cultures that can be perceived on the planet and will thus have a much deeper understanding of the world. In this way, the child will be able to better determine his or her place in the community and understand the different aspects of life in society.

You are a parent and are still hesitant to teach your child a foreign language? It’s never too early to learn the beauty of foreign languages. While they are still very young, children particularly enjoy communicating and imitating the sounds they hear every day. Children are not like students, they don’t have as much to remember yet and they are able to remember a lot! At their age, the brain is like a sponge that absorbs all new knowledge. The earlier a language is introduced, the easier it is for the child to assimilate. It is important to know that the second or third language acquired will in no way impinge on the first. On the contrary, the different languages will “feed each other”. A child’s brain likes to play and will never be overloaded with information. On the contrary, the earlier a child learns new things, the more likely it is that they will benefit him or her for life, even as an adult.

Learning a new language also means learning a whole new vocabulary. The child thus develops its cognitive abilities. Cognitive functions each have their own role and they allow us to carry out all our actions. Thanks to our book, the child will be able to develop his attention, his memory as well as his communication and reasoning abilities. The learning format that we put forward is particularly effective while being pleasant for the child who is learning. The language skills acquired from a very early age will help the child in his or her school career as well as in his or her future professional career. Offering the child an interest in a foreign language is not just about learning new words, it is also about offering a real cultural immersion. A young child who learns another language easily acquires an open attitude towards other cultures, other people and other ways of thinking. This is the key to becoming an adult who is open to the world and who understands ways of thinking that are not his own.

Thanks to our interactive and playful book, available in e-book format, learning is done in a fun way and encourages a nice moment of sharing between the child and his parents. With Peter, the cat and the fish, give your child every chance to understand foreign languages as well as possible. The child will be able to pronounce the words phonetically and thus practice an effective exercise, while being fun and original. Thanks to the audio file provided with the book, the child will be able to develop his phonological awareness, i.e. his ability to identify the different sounds in words and to connect them to the written words he will be able to see on the pages. Each paragraph of the book is written in three parts: in English, in French and in the third language of your choice. We have thus developed a simple but very effective method of learning the language. By reading the story while listening to it with the help of the audio file, the child will be able to stimulate his memory and strengthen his understanding of the language. Without even realising it, the child is working on his or her language skills and will eventually master three languages. Thanks to the intonations that he will be able to perceive during oral comprehension, the child will undoubtedly succeed in assimilating additional vocabulary words.

Don’t hesitate any longer! Our book The cat, the fish and the waiter is made for your child. It will enable him to learn new languages in a playful way and to open up to the rest of the world. Our ambition: to bring literacy and the culture of foreign languages to every child in the world.

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