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Motivation in children: learning languages by playing

Many parents and teachers have problems with motivating  their children. From an early age, kids are often scattered, making it difficult for them to focus.  To learn new languages, consistency is essential. The child should maintain their attentiveness. But do not worry, there is an efficient way to get their attention. It may seem complicated, but you will see it is much simpler than it looks.

How does motivation work in children?

Motivation in children works in a peculiar way. While adults can see the long-term benefits of certain tasks, children cannot. This means they tend to only do things that bring immediate rewards. That’s why learning by play is more appealing for them and also, therefore, more effective. When teaching children, it is often best to stimulate their spontaneous interest with some form of external reward.

Learning a new language can use a similar method. Some excellent ways to incentivize a child’s language learning are:  learning by playing, reading a fantasy story, or watching a program in the language of interest. These are significantly more effective methods than sitting them in front of a whiteboard full of text.

Can children learn languages by playing? Reasons to consider.

Learning by playing may seem illogical, but it’s proven to be a very efficient way to acquire new skills. Kids can learn languages using these methods, and so can adults!

Games catch your attention.

As said before, motivation in children is very different than that in adults, and so are their attention spans. A game that presents an entertaining story or piques their interest will make learning much faster and effective.

Help be consistent.

Learning new languages takes time. Many studies propose an approximate number of hours needed to learn a language, but it’s never something that can happen overnight.  Therefore, motivation is essential for children to continue wanting to learn. If kids want to learn and are motivated to persevere, this will produce better long-term results.  

They can easily memorize

It is the memory that stores experiences and everything we learn. We best remember meaningful things, which is why the best way to remember how to use a new skill is to make it meaningful. This means making whatever they are learning important to them.  Learning by playing makes this task much more manageable. The more eye-catching and engaging elements the game has,  the easier it is to learn from because it often provides a meaningful incentive to play the game and win.

Learning by playing is a fantastic way to get into the world of languages. Children who try such methods have excellent learning outcomes. If you are interested in learning more about the topic, I invite you to visit Top Kids Books and Toys; they have a lot of quality content for you, with ideas and resources. I also invite you to buy “The Cat, The Fish, and The Waiter” books which are designed for kids to earn languages with ease. They make learning fun, memorable, and meaningful. You can get them on their website

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