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How do you help your child learn a language more effectively and happily?

A Child’s natural lack of motivation to learn is a problem that many parents and teachers face, especially when learning a new language. However, children not only need to continue to learn, but review regularly. Almost like learning over and over again!  However, young children have difficulty concentrating and cannot concentrate for long periods of time. So how do you get children to focus on learning a language effectively and happily? Bilingual books are a good way to do this for several reasons:

Reason 1: Learning can be fun!  (Reason one: learn by playing)

Children think differently than adults. Unlike adults, children just don’t understand what long-term benefits are.  However having short term rewards or benefits, like making a game while teaching, can raise their enthusiasm! Learning while playing may sound  crazy, but it’s actually very effective!  As long as there is some small reward, like just having fun, you can see a super high-efficiency in a child’s learning!  Interesting stories can not only prolong a child’s attention, but also increase their interest.

Playing a fun game, earning treats, or even listen to an interesting story, proves to be way better than sitting in front of a white paper or a blackboard and fun!

Reason two: Motivated learning!  (Reason two:  motivated by interesting story)

When children think of learning, they often think about how boring or hard it can be. They often use all kinds of excuses just to delay and avoid it!  But it can be seen that a compelling story can spark an endless curiosity in children, they might not have known of.  They’ll want to know what the story is about, so they have a reason, and the motivation to listen and learn.   On top of this, children will then read their favorite stories over and over again of their own free will!

Reason 3: It makes it easier to remember words!  (easy to memorize)

Anyone who has learned a language knows that memorizing vocabulary is a long and tedious process. Especially in the early stage, it often happens that the words just learned today are forgotten the next day! This is especially true for young children. But in the process of reading an interesting story, children have an extra understanding of each word, with a deepening meaning that sinks into their memory.  Not only that, but storybooks can better  help children understand phrases and sentence patterns, thereby improving language skills even more.

It’s much easier to remember boring grammar and vocabulary by interspersing it into interesting stories and bringing them to life!

To sum everything up, learning through playing and reading is a very good method to learn a new language! Many families who try this method get very good results.  Our platform, Top Kids Books and Toys, not only shares a lot of efficient learning methods, but also a wealth of resources, which can help children learn effectively and happily!

“Cats, Fish and Waiters” is one of the most popular multilingual books, with Chinese and English translations and Chinese-French contrasts,   and is loved by many families.

If you are interested, take a look at our

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