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Our Mission


Our Mission

Encouraging Children to Dream Big

Children are mere blank canvases carrying a world of wonderment waiting to be discovered, shaped, and encouraged.


At Top Kids Books and Toys, we want to foster their natural curiosity and imagination, helping them get in touch with their creative imagination using literacy resources.


Our best-seller The Cat, The Fish, and The Waiter, introduces a magnetic storyline, and is available in over ten languages worldwide. Not just that, this multilingual book also has the tale translated into three languages at a time and a neatly made index to help your child acquire languages of your choice from a young age.


We’re all about fostering children’s inner child along with nourishing their creativity. Let them dream big, let them imagine, let them run wild.


Our resources are fun and captivating, and they’ll keep your child busy for hours and encourage bonding, a love for reading, playing, and creativity.


Explore our educational resources today.


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