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What Language Should I Learn: How to Choose from a World of Choice

According to Ethnologue, more than 7000 languages are spoken around the world. Choosing the right language to learn from such a wide range of options is certainly a difficult task. Learning a language is a major investment; you don’t only invest your money and effort but also a considerable portion of your valuable time. If you don’t want to waste your time learning a language that serves you no purpose, consider the following factors before choosing your favorite language to learn.

Find Your Why

To determine which language you want to learn, determine WHY exactly do you want to learn a new language?

Do you want to learn a language because you’re just bored? Are you moving abroad? Do you want to take admission to a foreign university? Or do you want to make yourself more approachable and valuable for big organizations worldwide? Whatever your reasons note them down.

Once you determine your goal, you get an attainable goal and something to work hard for. At first, learning a new language can sound like all fun-and-games, but gradually you’ll start losing interest if you don’t have a certain goal in your mind.

Determine How much Time You have for Language Learning

If you have plenty of time to learn, you can learn a difficult language and put your time to some use. How hard a language may get for you primarily depends on your native language, if for instance, you’re a native English speaker, learning Hungarian, Hebrew or Arabic can be considerably hard for you.

If you have a tough schedule and you can’t take out more than 15-20 minutes to learn the language every day, then you should first try learning an easy language. Again, if you’re a native English speaker, you can easily learn another language that’s in the same family as English and has Germanic roots, like German, Dutch, Afrikaans, or Scandinavian.

Some other languages, you may find easier to learn include, French, Spanish and Italian, because the English language has borrowed several words from these languages.

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