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The Top Foreign Languages to Learn in 2022

Regardless of what career your child will pursue in their professional career, learning different languages is extremely important. Multilingual people get more career growth and development opportunities as compared to other people. Whether you want your child to become an engineer or doctor or just want them to study literature in the future, teaching them a new language can help them succeed in their personal and professional lives in several ways.


Quite obvious, right?

English is the international language and according to a study, it’s the top learning choice in 62% of the world. Almost all the online platforms and online content is available in English. Whether you want to work online, move aboard or want to interact with different people in the world, you need to be good at English.


French is the official language of Switzerland, France, and Switzerland. Because of the French colonization efforts, it’s spoken in almost 29 countries around the world. Learning French is also very easy because most of the French words are derived from the English language. The language has its roots in the ancient European culture and learning it will help you learn other languages like Italian, Spanish, and other languages easier.


One of the most popular languages worldwide, Spanish is the official language of more than 20 countries in the world. Even in the US, Spanish is spoken by a large percentage of people, because a significant portion of the US’s overall population is based on the ex-pats from Costa Rica, Spain, and Mexico, who come here for work or studies.

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