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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Audiobooks for Kids

Audiobooks may sound like a recent invention, but they’ve been around since 1932 and were played on vinyl records! Sure, they may be seen as a portable and ready-to-read option now, but it looks like that wasn’t always the case.


Luckily, nowadays, you can have a million audiobooks in your digital library without any worries. But a question constantly asked is whether children should be given audiobooks to read? Well, we’re going to list out the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself!

Helps Keep Focus

A child’s mind may be the most curious thing on Earth! That means they’re constantly fidgeting and might struggle to focus on one task for too long. You hand them a book for some quiet reading, and by the time you’re back, they’re rummaging through your bag with the book nowhere in sight!


Instead of going through one chapter in a week’s time, you can give your child an accompanying audiobook to read. Children audiobook readers always read in a more animated style with different pitches and character voices which grasps a child’s attention. Not only would they be more charmed by the reading, but it also slowly but surely teaches them how to keep their focus for longer and not get easily distracted.

They’re Portable

The portability of audiobooks is an absolute godsend for busy parents. It’s very difficult to soothe a crying child while you’re away from home, and they insist on reading from their favorite storybook for bedtime. However, with an audiobook, you never have to worry about whether the right book is packed or not.


Whether it’s a road trip, plane ride, or a visit to their grandparents, an audiobook is much easier to travel with. You won’t have to worry about losing it since there are no physical copies to keep with you. Just whip out your phone, pop some headphones on your child, and you’re good to go! No more searching your luggage and making a mess in hopes of finding a storybook.

It Interferes With Family Interactions

A common disadvantage often associated with audiobooks is that it takes away from the bonding a parent and child can have from reading together. Instead of associating reading with you, your child may become used to reading through audiobooks, which can be a missed opportunity to be closer to your child.


However, this can often be remedied through a simple solution. You can always listen to the audiobook together. Or you can read the book beforehand and engage in questions with your child once they’re done with a chapter. This not only boosts their cognitive skills but also shows them that you’re an active part of their book reading experience, even if you aren’t reading it to them directly.


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