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How To Promote Learning In A Post-COVID World?

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown family life into disarray. With schools being closed and people working from home,  it has become very difficult for parents to keep up with their kids’ education. While the situation is getting a bit better, there’s still a lot for parents to deal with.

This blog offers a few tips to bring your child’s education on track in the post COVID world.

Plan a Routine Together

One of the worst setbacks that COVID has brought into our lives is a disrupted routine. Everything has been affected, from our working habits to our sleeping schedule, due to the pandemic. But now that things are getting back to normal, it is challenging to return to your past routine.

Therefore it’s crucial that you first set up a daily routine for your kids. Ensure they’re punctual and wake up early every morning. Motivate them to complete their homework on time and sleep early to wake up fresh the next day.

Engage Them in Reading

a mom making her daughter read

Reading every day has benefits beyond just helping them academically. It benefits both their physical and mental health. It helps improve their comprehension skill, enhances vocabulary, and improves memory by assisting with their short-term memory recall.

Therefore, reading can help kids understand their concepts better in school, which they might have lost grip on.

Limit Their Time Online

a woman and her son using a computer and discussing its usage

Children can use digital platforms to continue their education, enjoy games, and communicate with peers. However, greater online access raises concerns about children’s privacy, protection, and safety. Educate your kids on how the internet works, and warn them of what they should be cautious of.

Set some ground rules for where, when, and how children can use the internet. Set up parental settings on their devices to protect your children from cyber threats, especially if they’re young. Find age-appropriate games and applications.

Make Use of Technology the Right Way

a woman sitting beside a boy using a laptop

Studies show that students retain 25-60% more material with online learning. This is primarily due to students’ ability to learn more quickly online.

E-learning takes 40-60% less time to learn than conventional teaching methods as students can learn at their own pace, re-reading by going back, omitting, or accelerating through topics as per the need.

Therefore, despite schools reopening, you can continue using technology to help children understand better and have a better hold of their concepts.

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