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How Reading Together Increases Family Bonding

Books are like portable magic chambers through which you can transport to different worlds and meet characters you would never even think about in real life. However, it takes years for people to instill in themselves an appreciation for literature. That is, of course, unless their parents introduce them to it earlier.


Instead of buying a bunch of storybooks for your children and handing it to them, here are some ways you can incorporate yourself into their reading time to form closer bonds!

A Memorable Moment

Parents are always encouraged to make memories with their children since they have a much more lasting impression on children than monetary presents. Experiences are remembered for longer and can actually be something they will associate with you well into their adulthood.


For instance, if you buy your children collector’s edition versions of their favorite storybooks, they might be excited, but that excitement would be short-lived and soon forgotten. However, if you spend that time reading the books with them, making it a bedtime tradition, it would serve as a long-lasting memory that they would reminisce on well into adulthood!

Open Line of Communication

As a parent, it should be your top priority to cultivate your child’s communication skills and give them a platform to use their voice and feel heard. Instead of hoping to have all of these lessons taught at school, you can teach them how to better communicate through your reading sessions!


After you’re done reading a chapter, instead of closing the book until you pick it up the next time, it’s a good idea to talk about what you’ve read. Most children’s books have moralistic endings, and discussing them would help your child with their critical thinking skills. It also makes for easier communication between the two of you, which will always be a source of comfort for your child.

Better Understanding

When you leave a child to their own devices with a storybook, they might gloss over parts they don’t understand because they don’t feel comfortable asking for help. However, when you read along with your child, there is a higher chance that they would not only grasp the vocabulary, but remember it too.


Another advantage of reading with your child is that you can go for more complex texts since you’ll be assisting them with their reading. It’s a great way to challenge their reading abilities!


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