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How Reading Facilitates Language Development

Language skills are an important tool among children for learning and social negotiation. As children become more competent, academic and psychosocially, reading plays an important role in their achievements.

Reading not only helps your child think outside the box, but it also exposes children to vocabulary and language learning. According to various researchers, a child’s exposure to reading has a drastic impact on their language and academic skills.

Reading to Newborns and Toddlers

Language development starts in the uterus, as your unborn baby hears and responds to familiar sounds and voices. Then after birth, the newborn baby learns language by listening to the sounds around them.

Reading to the baby gives them a comforting source of contact and also helps them settle into a reading routine, which makes future reading more comfortable and enjoyable.

As a newborn transforms into a toddler, reading becomes an interesting subject for them as it exposes them to new ideas and familiarizes your child wait for new languages and familiar sounds.

Reading to Older Children and Teens

As the children grow older, they might lose interest if there’s a lack of consistency. However, if you make it a fun activity for them, rather than a task that they need to complete daily, they might seem to invest themselves more in the habit.

Encourage them to buy and read books according to their subject of interest.

Children Reading

How Reading Helps Language Development

Although reading may seem like a tiring task at first, children who adopt the habit of daily reading learn language skills much faster than their peers.

Since children’s storybooks and literature use natural language patterns and familiar contexts, children find it easier to relate to these stories and make instant connections with the storyline. This helps them retain the language structure much better.

Furthermore, the images provided in most children’s books also help the readers understand the story better, as they support the context. And everyone knows that visual aids promote faster learning and helps them to remember things much better.

If the children recall the book’s story with positive feelings and memories, they are more likely to recollect the grammar and the language structures. Books contain a richer and refined form of language. Most of them have been written, drafted, and edited until they convey the intended message.

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