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Family Time! Easy Tips to Learn a Language as a Family

Family first. All other people in your life can come and go but the people who’re always connected to you, no matter what, are your family members. While there are many things because of which your relationship with your family members can be negatively affected, such as a difference of opinion, different choices, and preferences, but there are still many ways you can strengthen your bond with your family despite all the differences.

Learning a new language together can be an ideal way for you and your family members to connect with each other and learn more about each other as well! Here are some effective ways to learn a new language as a family.

Pick a Language to Learn Together

To ensure that everyone stays interested in your new ‘’family project’’, try to give everyone a say. Discuss the pros of learning different languages. If you want to communicate with more people, looking to expand your personal or professional network then learning a widely spoken language can be the best option for you. After English, the most popular languages include Spanish and French.

Establish a Learning Schedule

Once you decide which language to learn, set a daily or weekly schedule to learn or practice the new language together. You can schedule different activities for every day, Like learning the language through an app like FluentU and watching videos, movie trailers, or music videos together or watching a show on Netflix with subtitles or a family quiz activity or speaking content. Alternatively, you can also read books with your family. Audiovisual books are the best way to learn and teach new languages to your children.

When you decide your schedule, note it down on paper and stick it somewhere everyone can see it and doesn’t forget about it. You can also post and share the schedule on Google Calendar.

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mother and daughter reading books with their dog

If you want to get some children’s books in different languages, we’re here to help. Learning a new language stimulates your mind and helps your child to communicate effectively. At Cat Fish Waiter, you can multilingual books to help your child expand their vocabulary in different languages and make friends from people of different backgrounds and different cultures.

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