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4 Ways Reading Can Help Your Child Develop Better Comprehension Skills

Reading from an early age is one of the most beneficial hobbies that aids a person throughout their lives. This is why numerous researchers advise parents to start providing storybooks to their children that align with their interests. Reading fosters literacy in little children and significantly enhances their development. Dr. Seuss said, “The more you read, the more things you know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go”. If you’re still wondering how reading helps your children develop comprehension skills, keep reading.

1. Phonemic Awareness

When children start reading stories from an early age, they learn a skill called phonemic awareness. This skill aids them in decoding words and sounds and connecting the two. Knowing how to make this connection is super important for better comprehension. Kids who start to read early are much better at grasping concepts that other kids find complicated.

2. Language Fluency

When kids start to read storybooks, they learn to recognize words, speeding up their language fluency. When your kid starts to read quickly and doesn’t find it complicated anymore, they’ve become “fluent” in their language. This also means they have learned to recognize the words without speaking them aloud. Practicing reading every single day will help your kids improve their fluency much more efficiently.

3. Advanced Lexicon

Reading books builds vocabulary. When children are engrossed in a book of their liking, they encounter words that fascinate them and will most likely memorize them. A diverse lexicon with a range of words builds a child’s comprehension skills faster than anything else.

Two children reading a book.

4. Sentence Formation

A lot of kids struggle to form coherent sentences. But reading enhances their sentence construction since they learn how to string words together at an early age. Reading also helps children connect ideas and meaning to a passage that they read. These skills are very important for comprehension.

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