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3 Ways To Encourage Your Kid To Read More

In a tech-savvy world where our children are glued to their device’s screen, reading has taken a backseat. According to research, an excellent child reader has more confidence and higher levels of self-esteem and is much better at handling the transition from ‘learning how to read’ to ‘reading to learn.’ It also is one of the most important skills for leading a successful, productive, and happy life.

However, it can become difficult for busy moms to encourage their young ones to read and cut back on screen time. It can also become harder for parents to get children’s attention towards reading as kids often regard it as an uninteresting activity. But there are several ways you can inculcate a love of reading in your children as a parent.

1. Let Your Kids Choose Their Books

If you force your kids to read, they will just see this as another chore they have to get through. Instead, take them to a bookstore and make an entire activity out of this. Lead them around the bookstalls and shelves in the children’s section and start pulling out books for them to look at. Usually, a colorful cover can pull their attention.

This way, children can read the covers and story blurbs, be inspired by the graphic details on a book cover, and naturally desire to read. And they will have the satisfaction of picking out something they like.

2. Lead By Example

Your children are most likely to be inspired by you and follow your mannerisms in many activities. So, lead them by example and make time for reading for yourself as well in front of your kids. If you read in front of them, they will see this activity as a priority to you, like they usually see you using your laptop or iPhone.

Boys reading a storybook

3. Take Advantage Of Online Bookstores And Audiobooks

There are multitudes of online bookstores you can look into. You can also look into audiobooks that will encourage your children to listen to stories until they wish to read one or listen to one on their own. Cat Fish Waiter is a unique and useful online bookstore for children’s storybooks. We multilingual storybook for kids in three languages with audiovisuals that can help your child learn to read not only in their native language, but it can also help them learn a foreign language as well. Place an order with us on our website.

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