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3 Benefits of Multilingual Books for Raising Multilingual Children

Multilingual books are books that are written in more than one language. Typically, these books have paragraphs written in the original language and then the translated versions underneath those paragraphs for easy reading and understanding.

Today, we’ll look at how parents who are raising multilingual children can use multilingual books as a useful tool in helping their children learn more than one language.

1. Multilingual Books Encourage Children to Read in Their Native Tongue

Parents who are from different cultures and speak different languages usually intend to raise their children as multilingual, so their kids can understand both languages that their parents speak.

Parents can use multilingual books to promote the development of the native tongue in their children. Reading in more than one language also enhances literacy skills in children and allows them to boost their cognitive functioning.

Hence, multilingual books are beneficial for not only learning more than one language but also building solid neural connections in the brain.

2. Multilingual Books Increase Children’s Vocabulary

Multilingual books have each word translated in different languages so children can understand the equivalent of one word in multiple languages. This allows kids to build their vocabulary in more than one language.

If children have a vast number of words in their knowledge bank, they can use those words to express and communicate their desires and wants in a better manner. This is especially important if children go to schools where the academic language is different from the language they speak at home.

3. Multilingual Books Allow Children to Feel Included and Represented

Multilingual books are an inclusive tool that allows children to feel that they are being represented in the literature they read. When children see the characters in the story speaking in their native tongue, this allows them to better identify with those characters.

Multilingual books can help reduce feelings of alienation and loneliness in children who are living in a society where their native tongue is different from other children. Moreover, multilingual books can be a way for children to learn more about their culture, thereby boosting their emotional and social development.

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