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3 Advantages of Picture Books for Children

While shopping for children’s books, you’re likely to find many colorful covers with bright pictures and illustrations. In fact, that’s the case for a large majority of children’s books. But why is that the case? Is it just to look pretty, or do they actually help your child?


Experts argue that picture books are an important source of language and concept learning for young children. Keep reading to find out all the benefits a picture book has for a child who has just started their journey into reading!

They Help Identify Key Events

Every story, whether movie or book, has a beginning, a conflict, and a resolution. These are the basic key points in a plot that can be identified through a sequence of events.


For a child to properly understand and grasp the concept of storytelling, they need to know how to organize the sequence of events in a story. Although this can be done by just the words, pictures help make the process much easier. Visual aids through illustrations can help them make a separation, in the beginning, middle and end, and with the help of the pictures, they can revisit events without having to re-read the whole story. This makes it easier for them to push their curiosity and better understand what they read.

Make Reading Fun

Imagine you have never read a book in your life and suddenly are given a book filled with pages and pages of words. That wouldn’t be too interesting. Similarly, it’s great to cultivate a love for books in children by introducing them to colorful imagery that would grab their interest.


The enchanting and fun illustrations in a book can help a child better enjoy reading. It can also serve as an easier transition, where you go from books that are exclusively pictures to more word-heavy books with smaller accompanying illustrations. It’s important to cultivate the intrigue and interest your child has, since it could help them be more eager to continue reading.

Boosts Their Imagination

For most of us, we read a book describing an image, and a picture pops into our head. Making grasping concepts within the story much easier. However, children may struggle to do the same at the very beginning, which is why visual aids are always a welcome addition to their reading routine.


Children’s books often do incorporate descriptive words, which helps children play with their imagination, but they further drive the point home by showing a complimentary image. This helps your child make an association between the words used and the image displayed, and gives them the boost they need to better grasp the concept of imagining what they read.


The Cat, The Fish and The Waiter is a multilingual storybook for kids that uses beautiful imagery as a visual guide. The whimsical story is available in multiple languages, so you can practice your child’s reading skills in whichever language you prefer. Contact us today with any queries you might have!

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